Periodic Table of Military Slang – Color Art Print

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This graphic artwork contains 156 slang phrases used in the U.S. military. Organized by branch of service, from the U.S. Marine Corps to Navy to Air Force to Army. Also included are sections covering terms “common to all services” and phrases “over-used in Hollywood movies”.

The optional Companion Print bumps the total list up to 321 slang phrases. There are historic sections covering slang originating from WWI, WWII, Korean War and the VietNam war. And a host of inter-service phrases used throughout the military. Read through them all and see how many you know!


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The Periodic Table of Military Slang chart is a tribute to the colorful language used within our U.S. military community. With sections devoted to the various branches of the military, chances are you’ll find terms and slang here that you never heard before.

Each print is surrounded by a colorful camouflage backdrop, you are sure to surrender to the pure beauty of this print!